The Chicago Architectural Club (CAC) is one of Chicago's oldest cultural organizations founded in 1885. The nonprofit organization is Chicago-centered and advances the education of young architects and the profession through design competitions, scholarships, lectures, and exhibitions. In celebration of its 130th anniversary the Club embarks a series of short, documentary films titled, On The Table. Elva Rubio is currently a Co-President of the Club and Executive Producer of these short documentaries which will begin in Chicago and expand to tell compelling stories of American cities such as Detroit, Michigan and Gary, Indiana.

The audience for "TIGERMAN" and the "On The Table Film Series" will reach beyond the obvious appeal to Chicagoans. It will also appeal to those who find interest in the stories of pioneers, creative individuals, and the human condition.

TIGERMAN follows the daily life and legacy of Stanley Tigerman, the venerable Chicago architect, educator and influential leader. Tigerman, now at age 85, is the unapologetic visionary who rebelled against the doctrine of modernism as he continued to challenge and innovate. In the film we witness a man who would not be defined by a movement, but rather questioned and challenged the status quo. Among some irreverent moments, we are drawn to his higher virtues: to honor a sustainable artistic vision, a commitment to creating public space and compelling architecture accessible to all regardless of class, accompanied by a deep empathy for the planet.

The power of this story comes from Tigerman's singular voice and personality and, at the same time, the universality of his story. The narrative arc of the film will be organized around the chapters of his life and reveal his ambitions, struggles, and contemplation of a lifetime's body of work and legacy. It will explore compelling and universal ideas such as ambition, iconoclasm, and worship, while also being grounded in the rich architectural and urban fabric of Chicago.

"TIGERMAN" received a 2017 Graham Foundation Organizational Grant for Film.