THE Work Shed by Faust Ltd



David Oakey Designs

Design Principal

The Tech giants in Silicon Valley are again innovating radical change that will permeate the industry in the next few years. In this next wave, tech leaders are building campuses to bring people together, designing “collision” spaces that foster planned or random meetings to ignite innovative thinking and problem solving. It seems ironic that these employees are among the most technologically connected in the world, yet they see the need to create an environment where people come together to ignite the best of the best creativity. Community campuses now resemble neighborhoods with covered walkways bringing the indoor “office” outdoors. Today’s meetings take place on a 30 minute walk throughout a mile long campus resembling a park-like walkway. The solution is “neighborhoods,” or distinct spaces that serve different needs. Flexible work policies allow employees to work when they want and where they wish. Coffee kiosks, juice bars and food trucks are just some of the features where co-workers can rendezvous.

With Julia Di Castri and Katherine Simson