Old House by Faust Ltd


Thomasville, GA

Design Principal

Photography: Gabriel Hanway

In the early 1900's a prominent judge built this charming house in what is now a historic residential neighborhood in the lovely southern town of Thomasville, GA. For many years beginning in the 1960s, the house was home to the local piano teacher. Many locals who are also former students have memories of entering the through the Clay St. door for lessons. After the much-loved piano teacher moved on, the house was left to slowly deteriorate. It endured years of wear and tear through several cycles of occupants. Luckily, the building was picked out of a fire sale, and was set for restoration. Our work entailed a complete gut rehab with all new systems and a tin roof, while we restored the exterior siding, windows, doors, as well as all the hardwood flooring, in order to maintain the original look and feel of the house.